fall guy

fall guy
a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
chump, ↑fool, ↑gull, ↑mark, ↑patsy, ↑sucker, ↑soft touch, ↑mug
Derivationally related forms: ↑suck (for: ↑sucker), ↑gull (for: ↑gull), ↑fool (for: ↑fool)
Hypernyms: ↑victim, ↑dupe

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1. : one who assumes or on whom is placed the blame or responsibility : one who takes the rap : scapegoat

public officials use the correctional institution as a fall guy for their own apathy, inertia, and ignorance — C.W.Leonard

becoming the fall guy for the ring which operated the houses of prostitution in that district — R.M.Lindner

2. : one that is made the victim of a swindle or deception : one that is easily gulled or victimized

his friends were laughing at him … had he been marked early for a fall guy — Irving Stone

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1. an easy victim.
2. a scapegoat.
[1905-10, Amer.]

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fall guy noun (slang; esp N American)
1. A dupe or easy victim
2. A scapegoat
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Main Entry:fall

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fall guy UK US noun [countable] [singular fall guy plural fall guys] informal
someone who is blamed or punished for something bad that someone else has done
Thesaurus: someone or something who is blamed or accusedsynonym

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fall guy,
Informal. a person left to face blame or consequences of something; scapegoat: »

Things go all wrong, comically, thanks to the influence of a seedily incompetent fall guy (London Times).

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n. informal a scapegoat

he contends that he is innocent, that he was set up as a fall guy

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noun, pl ⋯ guys [count]
informal : a person who is blamed for something done by others :scapegoat

His lawyers will argue that he was set up as a/the fall guy for crimes he had no part in.

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ˈfall guy [fall guy fall guys] noun (especially NAmE)
a person who is blamed or punished for sth wrong that another person has done
Syn: scapegoat
Example Bank:

He realized he'd been set up as the fall guy.

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